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Acknowledgement of applications

The UK National Agency aims to acknowledge applications submitted under a decentralised deadline within two weeks of receiving the application. If you have submitted an application for funding, you will have received a submission ID, which you will see on section ‘O.4. Submission Summary’ of your completed eForm. You do not need to contact the National Agency for further confirmation of your application at the submission stage, however, if you have not received an acknowledgement from us within four weeks of the deadline after submitting your application, then please get in touch to check it has been received successfully.

The online application system, including the release of submitted applications to the UK National Agency, is managed by the European Commission and the exact timetable for sending out acknowledgement emails to UK applicants will depend on when this release of applications takes place for each deadline.

Payment structures

The UK National Agency decides on the payment structure to be offered for each approved project based on a number of factors, including the type of project and the outcome of financial capacity checks. Instalments of the awarded grant, known as pre-financing payments, are paid during the lifetime of a project in order to provide beneficiaries with a float. The payment structure will normally be confirmed to beneficiaries when the grant offer is made or during the contracting process. Some examples of potential payment structures are provided below:

  • Some projects may be offered one pre-financing payment at the start of the project, followed by a final payment of the balance following approval of a final report.
  • In other cases, the pre-financing may be split into several smaller instalments which may be linked to the approval of interim reports submitted to the National Agency.
  • In some cases pre-financing may not be offered, in which case the grant would be paid at the end of the project, following approval of the final report.

The expected timescales for pre-financing payments will be outlined in the grant agreement for the relevant project.

How do I make an appeal?

If you wish to appeal a decision made by the UK National Agency in relation to your Erasmus+ application, please read the appeals procedure.

Key dates for applicants
An overview of reporting deadlines and key events
Selection process
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How to make an appeal
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