Application resources

This page has documents, templates and tools to support you when applying for Erasmus+ funding for decentralised activities. The first list below, 2018 Call programme documents, is for organisations from all sectors. The list headed 2018 Call applications has five drop-down lists, by sector.

You can access documents from previous Call years in the list headed Archive on the page sidebar.

2018 Call programme documents

The documents in this section are published by the European Commission. The 2018 Call for Proposals gives an overview of the Erasmus+ programme, and the Programme Guide contains detailed information on how to apply. The Guide for Experts is the tool used by external experts when assessing funding applications.

The 2018 deadlines are in the Call for Proposals and listed on our Funding deadlines page.

2018 Call applications

The documents in this section include application forms and guidance documents for current funding deadlines. Application resources available vary depending on the sector and type of activity.

Some resources are available by clicking a link or downloading a document. This includes application forms, guidance notes, and recorded webinars. Other resources require you to contact us to book in advance or register a place, such as live webinars or one-to-one support calls. 

Please read our webinar user guide (361 KB) for practical information about joining webinars.

Higher education

There are no current deadlines available. For more information on Erasmus+ higher education funding, refer to the higher education funding page.

Vocational education and training

There are no current deadlines available. For more information on Erasmus+ VET funding, refer to the vocational education and training funding page.


There are no current deadlines available. For more information on Erasmus+ schools funding, refer to the schools funding page.

Adult education

There are no current deadlines available. For more information on Erasmus+ adult education funding, refer to the adult education funding page.


Round 3

Application forms and guidance notes for the 4 October 2018 deadline will be published here once available. 

Activity Resources
Youth accreditation for Key Action 1 volunteering

Partners wishing to be involved in existing Erasmus+ Volunteering or EVS projects should contact the UK National Agency for an application form, guidance, and to arrange an accreditation interview. Further information regarding Quality Label – the new accreditation process – is expected to be released later this summer.

Youth mobility funding 

Youth partnership funding

Youth dialogue funding


For more information on Erasmus+ youth funding, refer to the youth funding page. Please subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates on application support.