Apply for vocational education and training partnership funding

UK organisations involved in vocational education and training (VET) can apply for funding to run collaborative projects aimed at improving VET provision.

This part of Key Action 2 is managed in the UK by Ecorys UK as part of the UK National Agency.

     How to apply     

What activities are possible?

Strategic Partnerships in VET can last between 12 and 36 months and are a flexible way of working with partners from different countries. Strategic Partnerships in the VET field allow you to focus on activities designed to improve VET provision across the participating countries. Activities include:

  • developing, testing and implementing innovative approaches and practices for study programmes, learners, staff and organisations;
  • facilitating the recognition and certification of skills and competences;
  • training, teaching and learning activities such as blended mobility of learners, joint staff training events, and teaching and training assignments;
  • transnational activities to encourage active citizenship and entrepreneurship.

In order to be funded, Strategic Partnerships should also address at least one of the horizontal or VET-specific priorities. You can find more about these and read full details of activities, including durations and eligibility criteria, in the Programme Guide.

There are two different kinds of Strategic Partnership projects that you can apply for: projects supporting exchanges of practices and projects supporting innovation. Further information is available in our guidance for applicants.

How many partners are needed?

Strategic Partnerships in VET must include a minimum of three partners from three different Programme Countries, including the applicant organisation. However, organisations from Partner Countries can be involved in a Strategic Partnership if their participation brings an essential added value to the project. There is no maximum number of partners but the budget for management costs is capped and equivalent to ten partners. The number of partners and funding will vary depending on the project’s aims and activities. Strategic Partnerships can receive a maximum of 150,000 euro in funding per year.

Who can apply?

Any UK organisation involved in VET can participate in a Strategic Partnership for VET, either as the lead or as a partner. One organisation must lead the project and make the application for funding. UK organisations leading a project must apply to the UK National Agency on behalf of the partnership.

How to apply

In 2020 there was one application deadline for vocational education and training partnership funding (23 April 11 am, UK time), and this now has passed.The KA202 guide for applicants (777 KB) is available for reference purposes only.

Read our webpage for the latest information on Erasmus+ and the EU transition period.

Who should I contact?

The Ecorys UK helpline is now closed, please send any queries via email. We are currently receiving a high number of emails but a member of the National Agency team will respond to each one as soon as possible.