Apply for youth dialogue funding

Key Action 3 Structured Dialogue projects give young people the opportunity to interact with decision-makers on issues of concern to young people and to influence policy.

Key Action 3 is managed in the UK by the British Council as part of the UK National Agency.

     How to apply     

What activities are possible?

Projects can last between three and 24 months and do not need a partner from another country unless transnational meetings are organised. Young people should lead the activities in all stages of the project from preparation to follow-up.

Typical activities include:

  • meetings, events, seminars, debates and discussions;
  • meetings and seminars linked to official EU Presidency Youth Conferences;
  • events and debates linked to the European Youth Week; and
  • consultation, including online opinions polls and surveys.

Statutory meetings between organisations or politically influenced events are not eligible for grants under this Action.

If you have not applied for funding before, please visit our before you apply webpage for more information.

Who can apply?

Certain types of UK organisations active in the youth field can participate in a structured dialogue project. For more information on whether your organisation is eligible, please refer to the who can take part? page of our website.

How to apply

There are two remaining 2017 deadlines for Youth Structured Dialogue, on 26 April (Round 2) and 4 October (Round 3) at 11am (UK time). 

Important note: for Key Action 3 Round 2, the European Commission is trialling an online application form, instead of the eForm, to improve functionality. We have produced guidance notes - version 3 (656 KB) to assist you in completing the form. If you have any further questions on the online application process, please contact us on 0161 957 7755. The online trial is only for Key Action 3.

Who should I contact?

If your question is about Key Action 1 youth, please contact Ecorys UK by email or telephone 0121 212 8947.

If you have questions about Key Action 2 youth or Key Action 3, please contact the British Council by email or telephone 0161 957 7755.