Before you apply

There are a number of different requirements to fulfil before you can apply. From funding deadlines to eligibility criteria, this section provides information to consider before you make an application. 

Organisations applying for funding

Erasmus+ funding is open to organisations across all sectors of lifelong learning - including school education, vocational education and training, higher education, adult education and the youth sector. 

Take a look at the different Key Actions to see what type of project would suit your organisation. You can also view our ‘Who can take part’ page to check if your organisation is eligible to receive Erasmus+ funding. The Erasmus+ Programme Guide and our range of UK National Agency application resources will also guide you through the process, which you can find on our ‘Application resources' page.

Individuals applying for funding

In most cases, individuals should seek Erasmus+ funding through an organisation such as their school, college, university or youth organisation. However, informal groups of young people can apply directly for certain Key Action 1 youth mobility and Key Action 2 youth strategic partnerships projects. For more information, take a look at our ‘Advice for participants’ page.

Next steps

Charters, accreditations and criteria

In order to apply for Erasmus+ funding, you may first need to have an accreditation or Charter.

Charters and accreditations ensure consistent, high standards across organisations. An accreditation is an indicator of your ability to deliver, but it does not guarantee that your application will be successful.

Plan your Erasmus+ project

Our project planning webpage provides tools and advice for your application.

Register your organisation

Before applying, you will need to register your organisation on the European Commission's EU Login and obtain a Participant Identification Code (PIC).

Know your deadlines

Carefully check all the funding deadlines. Application deadlines for most activities happen once a year, although there are additional deadlines for youth projects.

Ready to apply?

Once you are ready, visit our ’Apply for funding’ webpage for sector-specific support, guidance and application resources. Remember, support from the UK National Agency remains available throughout the application process, both online and via phone and email.