Erasmus+: a journey, not a destination

We’ve been delighted to see UK alumni of the Erasmus+ programme are taking up the challenge to share their Erasmus+ journey by entering our Erasmus+ 30th anniversary photo competition: From Erasmus to Erasmus+: share the journey.

If you have taken part in the programme at any time over the last 30 years and haven’t yet submitted a photo, read on for some hints and tips as there’s still time to enter before the closing date for entries at 11am (UK time) on 30 June.

If you are one of our lucky winners you could be setting off on a new adventure with £150 in travel vouchers to help you out!

instant photographs of previous winners

Some of the entries to last year’s UK Erasmus+ photo competition

Over half a million alumni

This competition is open to any UK participant or organisation who has taken part in the programme since 1987, when the Erasmus+ journey first began. Initially set up as an exchange programme for higher education students, it has grown and developed into the Erasmus+ programme as we know it today (you can read more about the origins in Hywel Ceri Jones’s blog). During this time an estimated nine million people have taken part, 600,000 of them from the UK.

A journey of discovery

We are looking for journeys that show personal change and development, something that lies at the very heart of the programme.

Anyone who has lived, worked, trained, studied or volunteered abroad will recognise this journey. Taking that first step on an unknown path changes you and every step you take afterwards helps you develop, personally, professionally and profoundly. For some people it can be something very apparent - like meeting their life-partner or getting a dream job - while for others the impact is much more subtle; a growing confidence, a louder voice, a braver heart, an open mind.

National Agency Director’s choice winner (2016) from Andreea Dalia Blaga

Top Tips

If you’d like to enter but are having difficulty knowing which photo to choose and what to say, think about journeys:

Just keep it simple - focus on a single or clear subject and avoid clutter; the key to a good picture is often what you leave out.

Outstanding - take a look at entries so far and send in something that stands out from all the others to capture the interest of the judges.

Understand a few of the basic rules of photography: good composition and lighting, a focal point, an interesting angle and the rule of thirds.

Rules - take a few minutes to read and follow the terms and conditions (101KB), to make sure your Erasmus+ Journey is eligible.

Now - enter sooner rather than later as we have a public vote, so the longer your photo is displayed the more votes it could win. Definitely don’t miss the deadline of 30 June 11am (UK time)

Every word counts – with up to 150 to use in a caption, make them work for you. Connect the words with the image and the topic; tell us how your experience has helped you (or your organisation) to gain new skills or a different outlook - explain the journey.

You - make it personal; choose an image that means something to you and sums up your experience.

Subject matter- don’t worry if your photo is a scan from the pre-digital age – if it shows your journey and tells a story send it in!

Whether you have recently taken part or were one of the first, intrepid participants, we hope you share your Erasmus+ photo in celebration of 30 years of incredible journeys.

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