Five top tips from the team for using Mobility Tool+

As projects are progressing through the year, we have put together a selection of five top tips for using the European Commission’s online management and reporting system, otherwise known as Mobility Tool+ (MT+).

In doing so, we hope to answer some of the common questions we receive and help you to feel more confident when using the tool.

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1. Are you using the correct web address?

First and foremost, ensure you are using the correct internet link to log onto Mobility Tool+. This is the following web address:

Problems with logging on? It may help to check your browser is up-to-date. Deleting a previously saved bookmark and saving again by logging into the address above, may also resolve this issue.

2. Do you have the right username?

Ensure that the contact person for the project has registered on EU Login, formerly known as ECAS. Your username on MT+ will be the email address the contact person registered on EU Login. The domain selected on the log in screen (on the left hand side) should be set to ‘External.’ 

Please contact the National Agency in the first instance, if the contact person wishes to update the email address on MT+. 

Additional support: take a look at the following recorded MT+ webinar for guidance on how to use key features: 

3. Adding a new contact to the project 

Open the project in MT+ and choose ‘Create a new contact’ from the 'Contacts' dropdown menu or navigate to the list of contacts and click the green plus symbol. Complete all of the required fields marked ‘Value required’ and make sure the ‘Access to Project’ box is ticked. Only contacts from the beneficiary organisation can have access to the project.

Please note: it is advised that access to the project is limited to the contact person and legal representative only. However, should you wish to add additional contacts, it will still be the responsibility of the authorised contact person and the legal representative to ensure the data in the MT+ is up to date and accurate. You can use the 'Project Details' section of MT+ to see when it was last updated and by which contact.

4. A date with Mobility Tool+ 

Set a recurring date every month where you will update MT+ with details regarding the latest completed project activities. This may include inputting new mobilities and budget information following an event or meeting. 

Updating the tool is a contractual requirement for all Erasmus+ projects. Therefore it is important MT+ is kept up to date with accurate information throughout your project’s life cycle. Please do not leave this until the very end of the project! 

5. CSV settings

For Key Action 1 Mobility projects you can now export mobilities as an XLS (Microsoft Excel) file. However, when exporting a document using CSV (Comma Separated Values) file format, you may need to amend relevant settings on your computer before downloading the file. The steps required to make this change are illustrated in the screenshot below. 

Windows settings box

And finally, did you know?

The import feature in MT+ should only be used if you are comfortable working with CSV or XLS file formats in Excel and have a large scale project requiring more than 10 mobilities to be added to a flow. Otherwise, you should continue using the in-built Mobility Form to add new mobilities. You can find support with how to use CSV as well as the import and export function on MT+ within the Mobility Tool+ Guide for Beneficiaries available on the MT+ homepage.

We hope you found these tips useful! For any additional support with using Mobility Tool+ visit our IT tools page.

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