Four reasons why you should attend our new Learning Networks events

This year, we are revamping Learning Networks to have a brand new look. The three events will each focus on a different theme.

Our first workshop focuses on widening participation, as well as exploring the National Agency’s Inclusion and Diversity strategy and how organisations can make their projects inclusive. Over the year, we will also hold events on employability, as well as project management and implementation.

With this new format, you might be wondering why you should attend? What benefits will you and your Erasmus+ project gain from attending? 

Let's take a look at four reasons to help you decide.

1. Take part in all the workshops

Attendees smiling at Learning Networks workshop

At previous Learning Networks, attendees asked for the option of attending more than one workshop. You may find that multiple workshops are beneficial for your project, especially if they explore topics that relate to your project's objectives.

With this new format, you now have that ability, as you can attend more than one of our Learning Networks events. This means you can even participate in all three workshops!

By attending multiple workshops, you have the opportunity to experience the full scope of Learning Networks; potentially gaining a broader range of new ideas, tips and best practices to implement in your project.

2. Extensive discussions on workshop topics

In feedback, attendees also asked for longer workshop sessions and more extensive discussions. With time constraints and a busy agenda, discussions can be limited and potentially hinder further ideas being explored.

As the events will now centre on each theme, this gives you the chance to delve deeper into discussions. You can extensively explore the workshop topic with fellow beneficiaries, identifying ideas and best practices for Erasmus+ projects, as well as encountering fresh and innovative approaches.

This also holds the greater potential of creating something more long lasting afterwards, enabling these discussions to be shared to the wider #epluspeople network.

3. Discover more about best practices and ideas

Learning Networks attendee sitting and smiling

One of the highlights at Learning Networks is our guest speakers, who are Erasmus+ UK beneficiaries. They share their project stories and experiences, whilst also delivering advice and tips. 

With more time devoted to the workshops, this also means a closer look at best practice examples. You can discover more about the ideas shared by speakers and even incorporate them in discussions.

This also gives more time to ask guest speakers about best practices they have shared and their ideas on the overall topic.

4. More opportunities for in-depth networking

Networking is a crucial aspect of these events, where beneficiaries can network at a cross-sector level. It’s something attendees value, and they previously asked for longer networking sessions.

In this new look, we’ll offer more networking opportunities and its structure will enable you to network at a more in-depth level. For example, our Widening Participation event will include a networking lunch where you can speak with fellow attendees, guest speakers and our National Agency staff.

This is a great way to connect with the wider Erasmus+ UK community. Not only to share ideas and reflections from the workshops, but also to meet beneficiaries from other sectors and learn from each other.

Infograph explaining all the reasons why to attend Learning Networks

Our first event takes place on 28 June. Over the coming months, we will announce the dates for the remaining two events. 

At the events, make sure you get involved with the Learning Networks conversation, using the hashtag #epluspeople on Twitter.

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