How ECVET benefits learners – stories from the Community of Practice

The ECVET Community of Practice offers its members the opportunity to share knowledge, network with peers, receive tailored support and hold discussions on how to develop the programme.

In October, the group met to discuss the ways ECVET can directly benefit learners. Take a look at some of the key insights from their discussions.

ECVET members having discussions

Focus on learning outcomes 

The most significant benefit for learners is the way in which ECVET helps them to focus on the learning outcomes they want to achieve during their mobility placement.
A valuable tool for learners is the ECVET Learning Agreement which is a contract signed by all parties in the mobility process. The Learning Agreement sets out goals ahead of time and gives the learner something to work towards. It reassures the learner that they will not be entering a completely alien environment; despite being somewhere new, their studies are a continuation from their home institution. You can download the ECVET Learning Agreement template (70 KB) to be used as a tool for guidance.
The Community of Practice members highlighted how it is important to reassure learners that the Agreement is there to support them, not to constrain them or pressure them. Learners should keep in mind a flexible approach whilst on placement. If a placement pans out differently than expected, the Learning Agreement provides something concrete which can help to steer the experience in the right direction. Alternatively, learning outcomes can be reviewed to reflect the actual experience, so that the learner has something to work towards.

Demonstrate skills

Another useful tool is the Europass Mobility Certificate Supplement which provides information about vocational education and training qualifications. The document provides a comprehensive overview of the skills that learners have obtained, helping them demonstrate their skills to potential employers. The supplement allows learners to provide additional information to the official certificate, which is more easily understood by employers. 

ECVET Community of practice members
The Community of Practice members will continue using tools and ECVET principles to help learners get the most out of their placements. 
Interested to find out more? If you would like to join the ECVET Community of Practice, email the ECVET Experts to express your interest.