How ECVET experts are promoting SMaRT Mobility

For obvious reasons, most of us have learned to do things differently in 2020. The work of UK ECVET Experts is no exception.

SMaRT Mobility logoThe ECVET experts have been reflecting on how to continue to support VET mobility practitioners in delivering quality assured mobility, acknowledging that the future might look different.

Specifically, they have adopted a focus on the delivery of learning through international mobility that is strategic, meaningful, recognisable and transferable, in other words ‘SMaRT Mobility’.

To take this forward, a series of virtual round tables will be held later this month, providing an opportunity for UK VET and mobility stakeholders to share their thoughts and experiences on a series of topics relevant to SMaRT Mobility.

Benefits of internationalisation and developing people skills

Besides being crucial for UK companies looking to increase business competitiveness, internationalisation and global engagement are also means of supporting the development and transformation of young people, including those undertaking VET and apprenticeship programmes. They allow them to see the world from a different vantage point and encourage them to learn about new countries and cultures, and this also provides an opportunity to see how a particular profession or industry might function in another part of the world.

Whilst digital technologies have played an essential role in international trade and partnerships, especially during the period of COVID-19, people skills such as leadership, creativity and empathy are equally invaluable skills in this new technological age. These are all skills that can be developed through SMaRT Mobility.

Girl during her Erasmus+ VET mobility placement working at a computer smiling

Continuing importance of international mobility

As we reach the end of 2020, discussions continue on the form and reach of the Erasmus+ successor programme and on the potential for continued involvement for UK education and training practitioners in future mobility programmes. Those already delivering mobility programmes continue to build on past achievements, yet it is important that we also focus on mobility that is strategic and meaningful for the participating institutions and individuals.

Whatever programme option is adopted for the future, it is important that learning opportunities respect the core principles and components of ECVET: such as learning outcomes, validation and recognition. These principles should also align with the concept of ‘SMaRT Mobility’, providing a means of delivering learning - within international mobility - that is strategic, meaningful, recognisable and transferable.

Delivering SMaRT Mobility

Whilst many stakeholders would agree on the value of SMaRT Mobility, there are a number of aspects which merit further discussion with a view to confirming:

  • the value of learning through international mobility for different stakeholder audiences; 
  • the importance of internationalisation in future course and programme development; and
  • the potential for full or partial recognition of learning acquired and/or assessed during international mobility.

Virtual round tables: register now!

In November 2020, UK ECVET Experts will host a series of virtual round tables, bringing together different actors from the worlds of VET and international mobility with a view to debating key questions and agreeing on the best way to deliver SMaRT Mobility in the future.

Those interested in joining one of these virtual events, should confirm their interest to ec[email protected] by Thursday 19 November 2020 at the latest. Places will be allocated with a view to ensuring participation from the broadest possible range of stakeholders.

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