How EPALE can help you with your Erasmus+ Project

Are you looking for project partners? Do you want to share and disseminate your project outcomes or advertise a project event? EPALE can help you!

The Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe (EPALE) is a free online community platform bringing together researchers, teachers, trainers, volunteers, policy makers, youth workers and anyone else with a role in adult learning across the continent.

The aim is to bring these adult learning professionals together to network as well as share best practice and the latest news updates in order to increase the quality of adult education provision throughout Europe.

The multilingual platform offers a number of tools and resources that will be useful for those planning Erasmus+ projects – from the original idea through to its conclusion, and planning ahead for your next project.

Our webinar provides an introduction to EPALE but let’s take a look at what these tools and resources have to offer.

A group of adult learners in a library having a discussion

Find Partners on EPALE

EPALE features a Partner Search tool where you can create an ‘advert’ for a project partner. You can also see partner requests from other organisations across Europe. All you need to do to create your own partner search is to register for free on EPALE, log in and complete a form describing what kind of partner you are looking for. For tips on completing this and a complete overview of the Partner Search tool, watch our short EPALE: Partner Search webinar.

Network with other organisations across Europe

Another way to find the right project partners is to use EPALE to network and meet like-minded people. There are several ways in which you can do this on the ePlatform:

  • Communities of Practice: This is an area where anyone can create an online group to discuss specific topics related to adult learning, such as ESOL for refugees, digital learning, community engagement methods, etc.  Anyone can join the group and together you can exchange ideas, best practices and resources. You can create your own group or simply click to join an existing one!

Also, take a look at our Collaborative Spaces tool. These are similar to communities of practice, but they are private, invite-only groups. Projects can use these spaces to speak privately to partners, share documents, such as Grant Agreements, project timelines, meeting agendas, etc.

To find out more, please see our EPALE: Communities of Practice and Collaborative Spaces webinar.

  • Join our online discussions! EPALE often holds live online thematic discussions. In September 2018, a live discussion was held on the topic of Media Literacy. Previous discussions have been: how to ensure optimal inclusion in adult learning on the provision and policy levels; the role and challenges of migrant education; and adult literacy. You can also add comments a few days prior to discussions going live.

Disseminate, promote your project and your organisation

After registering on EPALE, you can contribute to the content of the platform through the following resources:

  • Events: If you have a conference or a project event you can publish this in EPALE’s online calendar to promote it and encourage more people to register.

  • Resource Centre: Publish or link to your intellectual outputs here and find useful resources from other organisations.

  • News: Share news about your project successes, the impact of intellectual outputs and learner mobilities, or ask for help to complete research surveys. You can also find useful news on policy and funding.

  • Blogs: Share your project findings and best practice.

All you have to do is ensure your content is focused on the adult education sector. 

To find out more about how EPALE can help you with your Erasmus+ Project, take a look at our webinar and Prezi.

For help, support and any further enquiries, please email the EPALE team at [email protected].