How #epluspeople are promoting sustainability

Our #epluspeople are finding new, creative ways to become sustainable and encourage others to protect the environment. We hear from beneficiary Euri Vidal, from The Surefoot Effect, who gives us an insight into how Erasmus+ projects can play a part in sustainability.

Across Europe, the environment and sustainability are a big focus in the public consciousness due to the damaging effects of pollution, Euri Vidal from The Surefoot Effectoveruse of resources, and climate change. Despite this, educational material is not always easily accessible to the wider population.

Sometimes the material can be hard to engage with, or misses a powerful, passionate call to take action. This sadly results in individuals losing the chance to feel inspired or motivated to be environmentally friendly.

Making sustainability more accessible

Environmental Learning Illustrated (ELI) is an Erasmus+ adult education partnership between The Surefoot Effect from the UK, Volontariato Torino from Italy, ENTER network from Austria, and The Centre for Education and Entrepreneurship Support (CEES) from Poland. 

We want to encourage people to learn about the causes of climate change and potential solutions. The project's main goal is to develop environmental education materials in the form of an e-learning programme featuring visual arts, as well as a graphic novel that narrates the story of protagonist Eli.

The novel is set in the year 3070, where Eli lives in a space colony. But, she has the vision to return to Earth to deal with the environmental problems that, in the 21st century, forced humanity to find refuge elsewhere in the galaxy. You can access the novel on our project website.

The graphic component of this project was selected by partners as an effective way to engage with learners and the wider public. In the words of our storytelling expert partner ENTER:

“Humans tell stories because it is easier to remember a story than an unconnected amount of facts; it is because stories talk about emotions, and emotions are easier to recall.”

An image of a woman from The Surefoot Effect's sustainability themed graphic novel

The e-learning programme is divided into four modules:

  • home energy;
  • food;
  • transport; and
  • lifestyle.

The modules explain how energy and resource consumption in each of these four areas has an impact on climate change and how people can reduce that impact by taking a few actions. They include a series of illustrations to help participants learn key issues.

The programme is for people with little or no knowledge of environmental issues as well as those with some knowledge of the science behind climate change, but who might be unaware of ways to use less energy and resources. It also includes examples of organisations, local governments and companies that are reducing the consumption of energy and resources through their activities.

With these resources, participants can learn about the science of climate change and other environmental problems such as biodiversity loss, but also about environmental solutions to these problems.

Getting involved

People also had the opportunity to join one of four online workshops scheduled for 19 and 24 September 2019.

The workshops offered an opportunity for people to learn about recent events connected to the global climate, such as the large forest fires that are destroying the Amazon and other rainforests, as well as learning about two specific solutions to tackle climate change: the chessboard chain solution and the Jerry Sternin synergic solution.

To find out more about these workshops, you can visit the project’s Facebook page, or contact us for more information.

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