Introducing the new EuroApprentices for 2019

In March, eight lucky apprentices that were selected to be the UK’s EuroApprentices for 2019 met in Leicester to undertake their National Level Preparation Training.

Inspired by the experiences that they had during their own Erasmus+ vocational education and training (VET) mobility placements, the EuroApprentices will promote the programme on a peer-to-peer level. The group will work together both nationally and internationally to encourage other VET learners to take up opportunities available through Erasmus+. 

From maintenance operatives, footballers and basketball players, to digital marketers, the EuroApprentices are a great example of the diverse range of apprenticeships available – and how Erasmus+ can enhance this learning. 

But what about the EuroApprentices themselves? Who are they, what was their Erasmus+ experience and what organisation supported them through it? Get acquainted by having a read of their fact files!

Get to know the new EuroApprentices

EuroApprentice Alanis Thomas smiling

My name is… Alanis Thomas

I did my Erasmus+ placement with… Leicester College

During my placement I… worked in Seville in Spain doing painting and decorating work.



EuroApprentice Sam Naylor smiling

My name is… Sam Naylor

I did my Erasmus+ placement with… League Football Education and Coventry City FC.

During my placement I… went to Sundsvall, Sweden and played football for GIF Sundsvall.


EuroApprentice Jamie Moore

My name is… Jamie Moore

I did my Erasmus+ placement with… FAST Romania

During my placement I… undertook charity work in Romania; helping to build a new home for and supporting Roma communities that had been affected by a flood, as well as looking after the Roma children.


EuroApprentice Fatima Javid smiling

My name is… Fatima Javid

I did my Erasmus+ placement with… Praxis Europe

During my placement I… completed working experience in a pharmacy, as well as taking on confidence building workshops and teamwork activities such as drama improvisation.


EuroApprentice Ben Lander smiling

My name is… Ben Lander

I did my Erasmus+ placement with… the John Madejski Academy

During my placement I… took two trips to Spain where I was able to speak with elite level sporting professionals in coaching, playing, physiotherapy and sports psychology.


EuroApprentice Katy Henry smiling

My name is… Katy Henry

I did my Erasmus+ placement with… FAST Romania

During my placement I…  volunteered in Romania to help the Roma community, including building foundations for a shower block, constructing planters and teaching the local children.


EuroApprentice Sufyaan Shaikh smilingMy name is… Sufyaan Shaikh

I did my Erasmus+ placement with… Leicester College

During my placement I… travelled to Lebrija, Spain, and gained electrical skills that included working on agricultural properties, factories, domestic properties, with renewable energy and on the national grid.


EuroApprentice Michael Hutchings smilingMy name is… Michael Hutchings

I did my Erasmus+ placement with… FAST Romania

During my placement I… volunteered with the Roma community in Romania. I learned about construction of houses, worked on a building site, mixing cement and plastering, as well as working with the local children.


Understanding their roles, interactive workshops and a game of crazy golf

The first day of the National Level Preparation Training was all about introductions; introducing the apprentices to their new roles and to one another. 

“I really enjoyed getting to learn about everybody else’s experiences,” said Fatima, “I think it’s a real eye-opener and it just shows you how much this programme helps everyone.”

After a rundown of what will happen during the European Network Meeting – and the exciting news that the group will be jetting off to Malta in May – there was the opportunity for some fun team building with a group meal and a game of crazy golf!

The second day saw the apprentices sign their contracts, get involved in a public speaking workshop and develop video-making skills during digital storytelling training with journalist and media expert Jennifer Jones.

Fatima giving a speech on her Erasmus+ experience during the public speaking workshop

Aimed at helping them to understand the dynamic and creative ways in which they can promote Erasmus+, these workshops proved to be a favourite among the group: “I’m leaving here with more than just information on what my role is,” said Ben. 

“I feel I’m going to go out and be able to public speak better and have more of a social media understanding, to really be able to share the word of Erasmus+ better.”

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