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Iverene Bromfield, one of our ECVET Experts

Erasmus+ has been improving the recognition of qualification abroad for apprentices and trainees with the use of the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET). 

Now beneficiaries of the programme who are experienced in applying ECVET principles are invited to join its Community of Practice. By being a member, you will have the opportunity to give a steer on its use in the UK, network with peers and get tailored support. 

Iverene Bromfield, one of our ECVET Experts based in Scotland, blogs here about how to join in and the benefits of taking part in this group: 

Have you got what it takes to join our ECVET Community of Practice?

"Are you using ECVET successfully? Would you like to share your experiences with others? Are you ready to take ECVET to the next level? If so, we would love to hear from you.

We are looking for new members to join the ECVET Community of Practice – a group of experienced practitioners who share best practice and are open to meeting some of the challenges of ECVET. 

Being a member of this community is an opportunity for:

  • steering the development and use of ECVET throughout the UK;
  • supporting the ECVET Experts’ Team by sharing your experiences of making ECVET work and sharing your knowledge of the challenges of using ECVET for mobility; and
  • achieving wider recognition of your work and opportunity for continuing professional development.

The ECVET Community of Practice started in 2015. Since then, the group has taken part in practitioner forums discussing how to improve the quality and consistency of mobility placements, used ECVET tools and principles, and worked with the ECVET team in other collaborative ways. 

The group worked with the experts (photo below) to create a hints and tips document (216 KB) for anyone applying the principles to their mobility project. It gives insight on working with partners, learners and tutors.

Group of ECVET experts in an event in Birmingham

Over the remaining Erasmus+ programme period, the ECVET team of Experts will work with Community of Practice members to:

  • explore some of the challenges faced by mobility practitioners such as internal promotion of ECVET within your own organisations and gaining support from awarding bodies;
  • create new case studies to inspire those who are in the initial stages of developing their mobilities and encourage those who are more experienced;
  • promote the use of ECVET principles and tools with new organisations through participation in training events;
  • engage in networking opportunities with other experienced practitioners in the UK and Europe.

Members also receive personalised support from the ECVET Experts to improve practice and make better use of available resources."

Interested? If you would like to join the Community of Practice, please contact the ECVET Experts team for more information.


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