New year, new opportunities

The New Year is upon us and resolution-mania has gripped us all. Make it your resolution to submit a brilliant Erasmus+ application this year by following our top 10 tips for improving your application.

1. Know your priorities

It's really important for high scoring applications to relate to Key Action priority areas. Do you know what the 2018 priorities are for your Key Action? There's still time if you don't - find out now by looking at the 2018 Call Programme Guide. Make sure you pay particular attention to the funding rules and eligibility criteria for your chosen activity when looking at the Programme Guide.

2. Plan, plan and plan some more

The applications that score highest are well prepared and well justified. Give yourself enough time to fully develop your project idea and prepare for all eventualities. Applied before? Make sure to let us know of any staff changes or lost passwords, like your EU login password, as you will need these to re-apply.

3. Get a quick overview for 2018

Whether you're looking for a beginner's guide to Erasmus+ or an overview of the programme in 2018, our New to Erasmus+ page is a great place to start. You can also find presentations on each of the Key Actions in 2018.

4. Attend a webinar

Before you start your Erasmus+ application, we recommend you watch one of our webinars. You can watch the recorded sessions on our YouTube channel at any time, or register to attend a live webinar for the opportunity to ask questions.

5. Read the detail

Along with the eForms on our website, we also provide guidance notes for each sector and Key Action prepared by the National Agency. You can find the guidance notes on each apply for funding page, be sure to read them carefully to get the most out of your application.

6. Make the most of tools and resources

The National Agency provides a range of tools and resources to help you through every step of your project. Interested in measuring impact? Perplexed by press releases? Or maybe you just want to get better acquainted with the IT tools on offer - making the most of the tools and resources available is a great way to improve your application. 

7. Leave deadline wiggle-room

There's usually nothing more motivating than a looming deadline, but try to give yourself lots of extra time before submitting your application. Don't cause yourself unnecessary stress by leaving it until the last minute; you never know what could go wrong. For information on all deadlines, check out our funding deadlines webpage.

8. Get to know the EU initiatives

There's a whole host of EU initiatives that support the Erasmus+ programme, from Eurodesk in the youth sector to EPALE in the adult education sector. Get to know them and their networks for additional support and project inspiration. 

9. Attend networking events

Attending events like Learning Networks, our dedicated networking event that brings projects together to discuss key themes and share best practice, can help inspire your project planning. Learning from each other is a brilliant way to generate new ideas and meet potential partners.

10. Take advantage of support from the UK National Agency

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