Taking it to the next level: Traineeships and Jobs projects

In our previous European Solidarity Corps blog post, we highlighted the similarities and key differences between Volunteering Projects and the former European Voluntary Service (EVS). 

In this blog post, we’re looking into Traineeships and Jobs Projects, as organisations can use the funding to take their social action objectives to the next level. With the upcoming deadline on 1 October 2020, there’s never been a better time to explore how you can drive forward your organisation’s objectives in 2021.

Are Traineeships and Jobs Projects for you?

Perhaps you have a volunteer who you think would be perfect to undertake a more formal position at your organisation, or you are planning to recruit a trainee or new employee for a social action project starting in 2021. Through Traineeships and Jobs Projects, you can receive funding towards getting a new trainee or employee to help with your organisation’s social action work. 

There are a number of benefits you can gain:

  • Raising the profile of your organisation: enabling young people to offer their skills and motivation to address societal challenges while also making a living can be the purpose of any organisation, irrespective of its legal form or sector;
  • Getting access to a pool of enthusiastic young people: a database is available where young people aged 18-30 years old have put themselves forward for these opportunities, so you can find the right participant for you from within the UK or across Europe;
  • Funding which includes several budgets: although participants will be remunerated by the organisation in line with national legislation, funds are available towards project management costs and mentoring costs, as well as relocation and travel costs for the participant; and
  • Looking forward post Covid-19: apply by the 1 October deadline (11am, UK time) to start your project between 1 January and 31 May 2021 and increase your organisation’s provision next year.

UK organisations can apply and take part, whether they are public or private entities. Participants can be aged 18-30 years old – except for traineeships placements in the UK, which are available for young people aged 25-30 years old.

What do Traineeships and Jobs look like?

The team have compiled a handy resource for those more familiar with Volunteering Projects so you can see how Traineeships and Jobs Projects compare, along with key details on project and activity durations: 

Erasmus+ Inspiring Inclusion visual notes

Any occupation, regardless of whether it is one requiring high or low-skilled workers, and regardless of the sector it belongs to, can be regarded as a solidarity-related activity provided the nature reflects a clear desire to commit to the common good and serve others. 

For more inspiration, why not check out videos from participants undertaking a Solidarity Corps Traineeship or Job talking about their experience and their roles?

To find out more, please go to the European Solidarity Corps website where you can download a planner to map out your project idea. You will need to obtain a relevant accreditation beforehand called the Quality Label, the team is on hand to support you with any queries or for further information. 

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