Top tips on completing the web application form for Key Action 2

Web application forms have been gradually introduced by the European Commission as a new way of applying for Erasmus+ funding since the end of 2017. They are now being used across all sectors and Key Actions under the 2019 Call.

How are you getting on with navigating web application forms? Do you know what's changed from the previous forms? Follow our five top tips for filling in your Key Action 2 application form:

1. Partner Mandates

On most Key Action 2 application forms, with the exception of Key Action 229, the partner mandates are now fully downloadable as an annex from the web application form itself. This information is automatically pre-populated from the Organisation Registration System once the PICs of all partner organisations have been entered. This includes names, addresses and business information.

N.B. Please ensure that all partners’ information is fully up to date on their Organisation Registration System before you begin the application form.

2. Red Exclamation Errors

In order to submit your application form, all sections of the form are required to be 'green tick' completed. However, on occasion, synchronisation issues may prevent the green tick from appearing even if you have completed your form correctly.

  • If you notice this issue please refresh your webpage, use a different browser and re-enter information within the relevant section in order to see if the issue is rectified.
  • If you are still experiencing issues after this, please send a screenshot of the specific page and your application Form-ID to [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected], depending on the sector and Key Action you are applying for.
  • When filling in the required information in the Web Application Form, do not use multiple tabs or open several browser windows for your application. This will cause problems with the auto save functionality of the form and result in lost data in your application.
  • If you leave blank spaces after entering information in some of the fields (such as phone numbers or emails), the field will show as red. Please check that there are no spaces before or after the information entered.

3. Where have Transnational Project Meetings gone?

Project specifics for Transnational Project Meetings are now within the management section of the form and the budget and descriptions will need to be completed in this section.

N.B. Please ensure that the dates for each meeting are in line with your project timeline. If submitting a Key Action 229 application, you must mention the use of Project Management and Implementation funds (to carry out some meetings) in the management section, as there is not a specific funding category for these.

4. Project Timetable

The inclusion of the excel project timetable document as an annex is now optional due to the inclusion of the Timetable section of the application form, which is automatically populated with all project activities.

All activities (even those you might not request funding for) should be entered in the Timetable section of your application.

N.B. You may wish to complete the excel project timetable document (63 KB) internally within your partnership as a way of supporting the overall project management, should your application be successful.

5. Share and share a like?

An impressive and helpful function of the application form is that it enables you to share your application with your colleagues or partners in a ‘read’ and ‘read write’ format.

Get step-by-step guidance in our slideshow below:

N.B. Please note that only the person that created the application (using the EU Login that they used to create the application) will be able to click the submit button.

For detailed guidance on how to complete and submit application forms, read our guides for applicants or watch our support webinars.