Eligible schools and authorities

Who can apply?

To apply for schools funding for Erasmus+ mobility or partnership projects, your school or organisation must fall into one of the below groups:

Schools and Colleges

Your school or college must be on the relevant UK country’s education department’s database and have a URN/SEED. These databases can be found at:

If your school or college does not appear on the above lists please contact us so that we can confirm eligibility.

Local/regional authorities

Only local or regional authorities with a role in school education are eligible to apply for funding. In the case of partnerships with local authorities in other programme countries, the local or regional authority must coordinate the project within the UK. Eligible institutions are as follows:

Consortium Coordinators

In Key Action 1 for schools, local and regional school authorities and school coordination bodies can act as consortium coordinators and submit an application on behalf of a number of schools. A school coordination body is an organisation (not a school) that has a clear organisational link to the running or management of those schools involved in the consortium partnership in a supervisory, coordinating, administrative support role. This could include:

  • Local Authorities and councils with a role in school education
  • Academy Trusts
  • Local Authority Consortia
  • Northern Ireland Education Authority Regions
  • General Teaching Councils
  • School Federations
  • Teaching School Networks
  • Teacher training faculties of universities

This list is not exhaustive, if you are unsure as to whether your organisation would be eligible to act as a Consortium Coordinator please contact us.

Please note that schools cannot act as consortium coordinators on behalf of other schools. The consortium approach is intended to relieve schools of the administrative burden and make the application process easier. The school coordinating body is responsible for the management, budgeting and reporting related to the project application. Staff from the coordinating organisation are not eligible to undertake any mobility activities; these are limited to staff at the schools involved in the partnership.

School Education Gateway

School Education Gateway is a European Commission (EC) portal to support schools in planning Erasmus+ projects, including help with partner-finding.

Before you apply for your Erasmus+ schools project, register on School Education Gateway to find staff professional development and strategic partnership opportunities for school staff mobility (Key Action 1) and strategic partnerships (Key Action 2) Erasmus+ activities.

The School Education Gateway portal works alongside eTwinning. Already registered on eTwinning? Just login with your eTwinning details. Read our summary of the School Education Gateway functions or visit the EC site here.

Read more about registration, funding deadlines and project planning in our before you apply section.

Who should I contact?

If you have any questions about this activity, please contact the British Council by email or telephone: 0161 957 7755.