Erasmus+ at European level

At European level the Erasmus+ programme is managed by the European Commission. The European Commission are responsible for design and implementation of the programme, and produces application and project management information and documentation as well as guidelines for National Authorities and National Agencies. You can find out more about the role of the European Commission and their ambitions for Erasmus+ on the European Commission's website.

The European Commission ensures that the programme reflects EU level priorities for education, training, youth and sport. You can read more about European policy priorities on the European Commission’s education webpages.

The European Commission also oversees the work of the Executive Agency which manages the centralised parts of the programme.

The Executive Agency

The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency is an executive branch of the European Commission’s Directorate General for Education and Culture (DG EAC) based in Brussels. It is often referred to as EACEA.

For the Erasmus+ programme, EACEA is responsible for managing and receiving funding applications for the centralised parts of the Erasmus+ programme which include the following activities from across the programme.

Key Action 1 Joint Master's Degrees; Erasmus+ Master loan scheme; Large Scale European Voluntary Service Events.
Key Action 2 Knowledge Alliances; Sector Skills Alliances; Capacity Building in the field of higher education; Capacity Building in the field of youth.
Key Action 3 Knowledge in the fields of education, training and youth; Prospective Initiatives; Cooperation with international organisations.
Jean Monnet  Jean Monnet Modules, Jean Monnet Chairs, Jean Monnet Chairs of Excellence, Jean Monnet Support to Associations, Jean Monnet Networks, Jean Monnet Projects.
Sport Collaborative Partnerships, Small Collaborative Partnerships, Not-for-profit European sport events.


Please visit the the EACEA website for further information on their role and the centralised actions of Erasmus+.