Euroguidance is a European network of national resource and information centres for guidance. 

It supports the competence development of the guidance community within the European dimension of lifelong guidance. Its main target group is guidance practitioners and policy-makers throughout Europe.

Euroguidance information centres share the same three goals:

  • Support the development of the European dimension of lifelong guidance;
  • Support competence development of guidance practitioners and raise their awareness on the value of international mobility; and
  • Provide information and communication on the European dimension of guidance.

Euroguidance activities

The activities and tasks of Euroguidance centres vary depending on which European country it is in. Common activities fall under:

Promoting the European dimension within the field of guidance, including:

  • Supporting national and international networking between guidance practitioners by organising seminars, training and study visits on different themes;
  • Promoting cooperation among different stakeholders in guidance and education; and
  • Supporting development on the European dimension in the national guidance systems in cooperation with other European stakeholders to strengthen the role of guidance in education and training.

Providing quality information on lifelong guidance and mobility for learning purposes, including collecting, disseminating and exchanging information on:

  • International mobility opportunities;
  • Education training and guidance systems in the EU and EEA member state and candidate countries;
  • European initiatives and programmes within education, training and mobility; and
  • Project results, innovative working methods and good practice within lifelong guidance.

For more information on Euroguidance you can visit their website.