How to make an appeal

If you wish to appeal a decision made by the UK National Agency in relation to your Erasmus+ application for funding or grant agreement, you must follow the appeals procedure below.

Please note that you may only appeal if you believe the UK National Agency has not followed the correct procedures as set out in the relevant Commission Call for Proposals or in the National Agency’s own published guidance.

What is an appeal?

An appeal is defined as a request for a review of a decision taken by the UK National Agency that you feel has not followed procedures on the scoring and/or feedback of an unsuccessful application, or the calculation of a final grant amount. To provide the means of redress, there is an appeals procedure for Erasmus+ applicants and beneficiaries where you are required to state the exact procedure(s) not followed.

When is an appeal actually a complaint?

If an appeal documents non-specific evidence or notes dissatisfaction with the outcome of an application round or final report assessment, this will be treated as a complaint, not as an appeal, and will be processed accordingly.

Who can appeal?


For Erasmus+ applicants (the person or organisation/institution submitting a grant application to the UK National Agency), appeals may be considered where, for example, your application is unsuccessful. Please note that we can only change the status of your application in the event of an administrative error on our part or where published procedures have not been adhered to as detailed in our funding pages. We cannot consider information that was not included in the original application form.


For Erasmus+ beneficiaries (the person or institution/organisation signing the grant agreement issued by the UK National Agency), appeals may be considered in relation to your grant where, for example, you believe that your final grant amount may have been miscalculated. Please note that we can only reconsider our decision regarding your grant in the event of an administrative error or where the special conditions and annexes of the grant agreement have not been adhered to.

When to appeal

You can only appeal once per application or project at each stage of the process i.e. application and final report. If your project has been on a reserve list post-application, we will not give you a further opportunity to appeal.

How to appeal

Appeals may be made in writing by downloading and completing the Erasmus+ appeals form (257 KB). Your completed form should then be emailed to either the British Council or Ecorys as stated in the form. This should be done within the following timescales:

  • For appeals relating to an Erasmus+ application being made ineligible – within 10 calendar days of the decision being communicated to you.
  • For appeals relating to any other decision made by the UK National Agency – within 30 calendar days of the decision being communicated to you.

We will always give you notification of the appeals timescale when communicating a decision. We aim to acknowledge your appeal in writing within three working days. Appeals will be dealt with according to a process operating under a summary of principles informed by the European Commission’s Guide for National Agencies implementing the Erasmus+ programme.

Please ensure that you are using the correct version of the programme guide for the relevant Call year for the project or application under which you applied. The programme guides for the current Call and previous Calls can be found on our Key Resources page.

We aim to reply fully to you with the appeal decision, in writing, within 10 working days of the acknowledgement. Appeals that are more complex may take longer to deal with. In these cases we will keep you updated on the progress of your appeal.

Download the appeals form (257 KB)