How you can use ECVET

ECVET Experts are available in the UK to provide you with advice and support to understand and implement ECVET.

What is ECVET?

The European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) is a technical framework to facilitate the transfer, recognition and accumulation of assessed learning outcomes with a view to achieving a qualification. It is designed to facilitate lifelong learning and to support the mobility of European citizens. The learning outcomes approach ensures a better understanding and comparability of qualifications and learning achievements across countries, institutions within a country or across qualifications.

In ECVET, an individual’s learning outcomes are assessed and validated in order to transfer credits from one qualification system to another or from one learning ‘pathway’ to another. According to this approach, learners can accumulate the required learning outcomes for a given qualification over time, in different countries or in different situations.

The system also allows the possibility to develop common references for VET qualifications and is fully compatible with the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS).

The UK National Agency manages the UK ECVET Experts Project in close collaboration with the four UK ECVET National Contact Points (NCPs) and 13 ECVET Experts.

Why should I use ECVET?

ECVET supports flexibility to achieve qualifications enhancing the opportunities for lifelong learning. It makes it easier to recognise achievements that young people or adults have gained in other contexts – countries, institutions or systems including formal, non-formal, or informal ways of learning.

By giving learners the opportunity to undertake parts of their training abroad, VET providers can enrich the training provision, raise the attractiveness of training programmes, facilitate cooperation between VET providers and companies and strengthen the link between education and training and the labour market.

The Erasmus+ programme will be used as a key tool for the practical implementation of ECVET in the UK. You can refer to the ECVET principles in Erasmus+ applications.

Download the what is ECVET document (157 KB) to read more about what ECVET is and how it can be applied to mobility periods in Europe. You can also access the factsheet about the benefits of ECVET (143 KB) for learners and practitioners.

Key components
Facilitating the process of learning recognition (146 KB)
Apply the ECVET principles and technical components (154 KB)
An overview of the basic ECVET vocabulary (145 KB)
Before Mobility
Equip your partnership for ECVET and its outcomes (163 KB)
During Mobility
Delivering suitable learning experiences (154 KB)
After Mobility
Validating learning achievements and evaluations (158 KB)

Meet our experts

Experts from each of the four UK countries are available to provide organisations in the UK with practical support and training to increase knowledge and awareness of ECVET. The Experts offer practical support and tips on how ECVET can be incorporated and how it can be used to increase the quality of mobility. Download the ECVET experts document (340 KB) to meet the team. 

Each year the experts: