Influence policy

Bring together young people and policy makers

Erasmus+ enables organisations working in the youth field to engage young people directly in policy in order to effect change. Young people are given the opportunity to get more involved in democratic life and to make their voices heard on issues that affect them.

Structured dialogue projects

Organisations can apply for funding to run projects designed to facilitate meetings and constructive discussions between young people and those involved in designing and implementing youth policies. Projects can last from three to 24 months.

Can I take part?

Projects are aimed at organisations actively involved in youth work, and applications must be made by an organisation. Each organisation will need to ensure the involvement of at least 30 young people (aged 13-30) at all stages of the project from design through to delivery and evaluation.

Who can I work with?

For this type of project UK organisations do not need to work with a partner organisation to run national activites. However, if you wish to run activities at transnational level (outside the UK) you will need to have at least one partner from a different participating country.


You can apply for a maximum of €50,000 for a structured dialogue project. Funding will contribute towards project management and travel costs, and additional support may be available for participants with special needs and to support those participants with fewer opportunities.

How do I take part?

Applications for funding are made by organisations each year. See our apply for funding page for more information.