Key resources

Our key resources page includes important documents, templates and tools to support you when applying for Erasmus+ projects. We recommend that project organisers visit their sector-specific area on the website for tools to manage their project.

Some resources are available in Welsh: please visit the Welsh language page for more information.

If you would like printed copies of any of our publications, we will try our best to help you with this. Please contact us for more information.

You can still access documents from previous Call years (including 2017) in the sidebar of this page. 

Popular pages:

2018 Call programme documents

All the deadlines and information on the types of activities you can apply for are contained in the European Commission's 2018 Call for Proposals document and the 2018 Programme Guide. The Call for Proposals is an overview document with the deadlines for 2018, while the Programme Guide contains all the detailed information on how to apply for Erasmus+ funding. 

2018 Call Application forms

This section has links to the application forms for the 2018 Call which have been released by the European Commission. As the UK National Agency, we publish our own guides for applicants by sector and Key Action which you can find in the apply for funding section.

Higher education

Vocational education and training


  • KA1 school mobility eForm (318 KB) – live
  • KA2 schools only partnerships eForm – to be published soon
  • KA2 school education partnerships eForm (360 KB) – to be published soon

Adult education


Round 1
  • KA105 youth mobility webform – live
  • KA2 youth partnerships online form – to be published soon
  • KA3 youth structured dialogue online form – to be published soon

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Technical issues

There is a known issue with using application eForms with Adobe Reader: version 15.8 is not compatible. Please ensure that you use a later or earlier version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. The minimum Adobe Reader version which can be used is Adobe Reader 9.3.3, and the recommended Adobe Reader version is 15.20. For further guidance, please refer to the European Commission’s technical guidelines for completing application e-Forms Call 2017.