Language skills

Studying, working, training or volunteering in another European country under Erasmus+ is a great opportunity to develop your language skills.

Whether you are a language student or have little or no knowledge of the language of the country you visit, you will notice an improvement after time spent abroad. Language is another skill to add to your CV, as well being important in understanding the culture of your host country and helping with day-to-day activities such as shopping.

Higher education students

Although Erasmus+ students may be able to study abroad in English, you will have to take an assessment if you study or work abroad using a language that is not your native language. You may be entitled to receive online linguistic support for certain languages, such as German, Spanish, French, Italian and Dutch and may be able to get additional support, either before you go or at your host institution. Please contact the Erasmus+ co-ordinator at your home institution to find out more on the options available to you.

Online language resources

CILT Cymru, the National Centre for Languages, has advice on language learning and training. Global Graduates has a wealth of useful information.