Learning Networks topics

The Learning Networks initiative will consider three topics chosen for their relevance to both the Erasmus+ programme and UK and EU policies. These topics are:

Providing participants with qualifications and skills
Widening Participation
Ensuring lifelong learning is accessible for all
Measuring Impact
Ensuring activities are targeted and measured


These three topics have been chosen in consultation with the UK National Authority (Department for Education) and with stakeholder representatives. Each topic relates to the aims and objectives of the Erasmus+ programme, as set out in the Programme Guide, as well as to individual projects funded by the programme. 

Learning Networks aim to get projects talking to each other on these topics, sharing the work their organisation is doing in each area and examining how activity in the UK supports not only the programme aims but also UK policy at regional and national levels.

Don’t forget that Learning Networks is also open to projects funded under previous programmes (Lifelong Learning Programme and the Youth in Action programme), and such projects can also contribute to the discussions with their thoughts and experiences.

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