Learning Networks - Project management and implementation

At the last event

23 May 2018

At the last Learning Networks event, the Project Management and Implementation workshop shared best practice around the practical management of mobility and international partnership management. 

Mary Russell from the Royal National College for the Blind shared with us her organisation’s practical tips for mobility and additional support needs, while Jane Tarr from Novalis Trust focused on overcoming challenges in partnership working.

You can download the event report (249 KB) and view all the presentations from the day.

6 December 2017

The winter event was the Learning Networks Consultation – a mid-programme discussion around the themes and events of the initiative. Download our event report (380 KB) for full information on the workshops and delegate feedback.

How does the topic relate to Erasmus+?

Following consultations with Learning Networks members and the wider Erasmus+ community, feedback showed that beneficiaries would like the opportunity to share best practice around project management.

Considerations around project management are important for ensuring effective planning, smooth project delivery and clear impactful results. By sharing knowledge, experience and best practice, our beneficiaries aim to support each other in the development of their projects and find solutions to shared problems.

Effective project management enables Erasmus+ beneficiaries to use simple and practical approaches to ensure that they fully realise the potential of their projects. 

Project aims and results

All projects need to consider elements of project management as part of their planning, implementation and reporting. As such, it is important to share resources and best practice to improve the delivery of projects and overcome any potential issues.

There are many projects which currently share their resources and outputs from across the different fields of education, training and youth. Results from across all participating countries can be found on the European Commission's Project Results Platform. The platform allows you to search by key words such as project management or impact and includes:

  • a project database including links & summaries;
  • a database of project results giving access to learning outcomes; and
  • the showcasing of good practices and success stories.

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