Manage your grant

Managing your Erasmus+ grant (2014-2020)

If your organisation was successful in applying for Erasmus+ funding for a project then congratulations, you are now a beneficiary of the Erasmus+ programme!

The UK National Agency, a partnership between the British Council and Ecorys UK, can advise you on how to manage your Erasmus+ grant and how to meet the European Commission’s reporting requirements.

You can visit the promotion and dissemination page for information on how to share your successes and disseminate your project.

Managing your LLP or Youth in Action grant (2007-2013)

If you are still running a project under a predecessor programme to Erasmus+, including funding from 2007 to 2013 for Comenius, Erasmus, Grundtvig, Leonardo, Transversal (Lifelong Learning Programme/LLP) or Youth in Action, we will advise you on how to report on your project, or visit managing an LLP or Youth in Action grant.