2018 Call published

The European Commission has published the Erasmus+ 2018 Call. 

All the deadlines and application details are contained in the 2018 Call for Proposals and the 2018 Programme Guide, which are on our Key Resources webpage.

The Call for Proposals is an overview document with the deadlines for 2018, while the Programme Guide contains detailed information on project rules, funding levels and application processes for Erasmus+ funding. You will need to read both documents when planning an application.

Key changes

The two key changes for 2018 are in Schools Key Action 2 and in Youth Key Action 1:

  • Schools Key Action 2 strategic partnerships: there is a new name for ‘schools only’ strategic partnerships, which is now called ‘school exchange partnerships’. There is a significant budget increase and a simplified application process.  
  • Youth Key Action 1 mobility: some elements of European Voluntary Service transfer to the new European Solidarity Corps programme. We will publish information on this as it becomes available.  


For 2018 there is a budget uplift for the programme. The amount of funding available to UK applicants increases from 148 million euro (in 2017) to almost 170 million euro. 

Erasmus+ and Brexit

More information is on our National Agency Brexit update webpage

There is a reference in the Call for Proposals to the eligibility of UK organisations beyond the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. 

The UK Government has stated publicly that the United Kingdom is committed to continuing full participation in the Erasmus+ programme up until we leave the European Union. It will underwrite successful bids for Erasmus+ that are submitted while the UK is still a Member State, even if they are not approved until after we leave, and/or payments continue beyond the point of exit. 

Practical details regarding how this will be implemented will be discussed with the Department for Education (the UK’s Erasmus+ National Authority) over the coming months. In the meantime the Government encourages UK applicants to continue to apply for funding until we leave the EU. 

This page was updated on 10 November 2017