A gear shift in EU Referendum debate

It’s been four weeks since the launch of the formal EU referendum campaigns. Although the debate began long before, it’s now in full swing and dominating the news headlines.

At the National Agency (NA) we’ve watched with keen interest as the programme has been highlighted on all sides. The views of participants, project organisers and many others have been aired on major TV and radio networks, online and in print media. Although it’s part of a much wider debate, Erasmus+ has never been so widely covered and we’re in uncharted waters!

Of course the NA itself is watching from a distance, and isn’t taking sides, speculating on the result or what happens next. Eurodesk, an associated initiative aimed at young people, has a news article on registering to vote, but also remains neutral.       

As always at this time of year it’s been a busy period of assessing applications for funding, many have already been approved and some 2016 projects are already underway. For those engaged in Erasmus+ it’s business as usual and if you’d like to receive the most up-to-date information please sign up to our newsletter.