A step up for Serbia

Following the launch of the 2017 Call for Proposals it has also been announced that Serbia will increase its level of participation in Erasmus+ in 2017. For the first time organisations from Serbia will be able to apply to take part in mobility activities funded under Key Action 1, with the exception of those in Higher Education. In addition in the field of VET, Serbian organisations can also bid to undertake Strategic Partnerships (under Key Action 2).

This will have no immediate impact upon applications submitted in the UK as Serbia is not an eligible destination country, although it will continue to be so in the field of youth, for which neighbouring Partner Countries are allowed. However UK organisations may wish to work with a Serbian organisation and host their participants, or take part in a Serbian lead VET Strategic Partnership.

Please be aware that while Serbia may appear in drop down lists in the 2017 application forms, the extent of their inclusion is limited as above. It is anticipated that Serbia’s status within Erasmus+ will grow in the coming years and UK organisations should consider the potential for developing links with this in mind.