Additional deadline for Erasmus+ Key Action 2 Strategic Partnerships under the 2020 Call

The European Commission has published a second corrigendum to the 2020 Programme Guide (849 KB).

The corrigendum relates to the introduction of new decentralised calls for Strategic Partnerships in response to COVID-19, with a deadline of 29 October 2020, 11am (UK time).

The new calls focus on ‘Innovative practices in a digital era’ in the fields of school education, vocational education and training and higher education, and ‘Skills development and inclusion through creativity and the arts’ for youth, school education and adult education.

Examples of activities for ‘Partnerships for Digital Education Readiness’ include:

  • activities to deploy digital tools and methods to deliver quality and inclusive education through virtual means, including blended teaching, training and learning; 
  • activities to support learners, teachers and trainers in adapting to online/distance learning; and
  • activities to understand how best to incorporate digital online technology into subject-specific teaching, training and learning, including work-based learning.

Examples of activities for ‘Partnerships for Creativity’ include:

  • activities linked to reinforce all aspects of creativity in non-formal and formal education, by enhancing the development of skills and competences; 
  • activities to nurture talents and foster entrepreneurship (including social entrepreneurship) in cultural and creative domains; and
  • learning tools and resources, materials, courses and training modules to foster creativity, culture and multiculturalism.

An updated version of the 2020 Programme Guide and the new application forms are now available on the 'Application resources' webpage.

Projects successfully bid for during the current programme (2014-2020) will continue to receive EU funding for the full duration of the project, including those where funding runs beyond 2020 and the end of the transition period.

Further information on how to apply and guides for applicants will be made available over the coming weeks.