Erasmus+ annual conference takes place in Cardiff

The Erasmus+ annual conference takes place today in Cardiff. The Welsh Government Minister for Skills and Science, Julie James, will open the conference which is titled ‘The Erasmus+ Effect’ reflecting the event’s focus on the difference Erasmus+ makes for people who take part.

Delegates will hear that the latest figures show that UK education, training and youth organisations will receive more than €354 million in Erasmus+ funding from 2014-2016, with 2016 being the most successful year so far.

More than €273 million has been awarded in England to date, while Scotland shows strong and consistent interest with nearly €42 million awarded. Northern Ireland has received almost €20 million, and Wales has been awarded over €20 million. More than 86,000 people are studying, training or volunteering abroad through more than 1,640 projects which started in 2014 or 2015. This number will increase in 2016, as a further 866 projects get underway.

During the conference there will be a panel discussion, compered by BBC broadcaster Jason Mohammad, with representatives from the education, training and youth sectors taking part in Erasmus+ - Huw Morris, Director Skills, Higher Education and Lifelong Learning, Welsh Government; James Cathcart, Independent consultant and former CEO of the British Youth Council; Anna Moscrop, Study Abroad Manager, University of Exeter; Tracy Ferrier, Global Skills Lead, British Council and Emma Meredith, International Director, Association of Colleges.