Five top tips on completing your application

Are you thinking of submitting an application under the 2015 Call? If so, don’t miss our handy tips from our National Agency staff, which includes project manager Annelies Stalpaert, below:

1. You will need Adobe Reader version 10 or above to use the application eForm), which is a PDF file. Adobe reader is free to download from the Adobe website.

2. If you hover your mouse over a narrative box within the eForm it will reveal the character limit!

3. Legal Representative: although it may seem like basic advice, make sure that the person named as the Legal Representative is the one who signs the Declaration of Honour at the end to ensure your application is eligible.

4. It will improve your application if you include a clear needs analysis, as this will help shape the objectives of your application.

5. Validate the form to ensure that all compulsory sections are complete. For example, you cannot submit an application unless all sections are valid!

You can find more application support by signing up to one of our webinars and downloading our guides for applicants.