Gearing up for Youth Round 2 applications

The second deadline of 2016 for Erasmus+ youth funding applications is 26 April at 11 am (UK time). The application eForms for Key Action 1 Youth Mobility, Key Action 2 Youth Partnerships and Key Action 3 Structured Dialogue are available to download, along with detailed guidance notes tailored to each eForm.

Ahead of this deadline the UK National Agency has a range of support for applicants, including our helplines and recordings of webinars run by the team from the National Agency.

It is vital that you use the correct eForm when applying  – the eForms from the first deadline of 2 February are not valid for April. There are tips on filling in your applications form on the frequently asked questions page.

The third and final deadline for youth funding applications in 2016 is 4 October.