Introducing the Project Results Platform

The Project Results Platform, previously known as VALOR, is the new dissemination and exploitation platform that offers a comprehensive overview of projects funded under the Erasmus+ and Creative Europe programmes. The tool also features a selection of projects from the previous Lifelong Learning and Youth in Action programmes.

The purpose is to provide an information tool for the public for relevant and interesting content, as well as becoming a source of inspiration for cultural organisations and initiators.

The tool will provide:

  • A project database including links and summaries;
  • A database of project results giving access to learning outcomes;
  • The showcasing of good practices and success stories.

The database can help prospective Erasmus+ applicants source new project partners by filtering project information and contact details.

Each year the National Agency and Executive Agency will select a series of good practice examples. Success stories will then be further selected by Directorate General for Education and Culture services to be featured on the platform.

Find out more on the Projects Results Platform.