It all adds up – over €500m Erasmus+ funding awarded

At the halfway stage of the Erasmus+ programme well over half a billion euros has now been awarded to UK organisations to deliver projects.

Latest figures from the UK National Agency reveal that 507 million euros was awarded between 2014 and 2017. The statistics, published this week, show that 3,829 projects have been funded across the schools, higher education, adult education, vocational education and training and youth sectors during that time.

Organisations in England have received 384m euros to deliver 2,757 projects with Scotland getting 64.8m euros for 658 projects, Wales 29.3m euros for 187 projects and Northern Ireland receiving 28.3m euros to deliver 224 projects. Full details for each country can be found in our updated factsheets on the Results and statistics webpage.

The amount of funding secured per year has risen steadily since 2014, when we awarded 112m euros, to almost 143m euros in 2017. The number of projects funded has actually remained fairly stable over the three years but the greater scope and ambition of applications has meant that the average grant value has also increased.

The interactive charts below show the number and total value of grants awarded to projects in each of the four programme Call years so far. Hover over a data point to see the breakdown of figures for each Call year. 

To view the latest statistics in more detail, with breakdowns by sector and Key Action, please see the updated interactive map and data tables on our Statistics webpage.