Key changes to Youth Mobility in 2018 as European Solidarity Corps delayed

The European Commission (EC) today published corrigenda to the Erasmus+ Programme Guide and Call for Proposals for 2018 detailing important changes to the youth part of the programme. 

Due to delays in agreeing the legal framework for the European Solidarity Corps there will now be a transitional period before this new initiative is adopted.

As a result, two significant changes have been included in the corrigenda:

  • European Solidarity Corps volunteering activities will be brought back into Erasmus+ for the first two deadlines of the 2018 Call, affecting youth Key Action 1
  • The first deadline of 2018 for all Key Actions in the youth sector is extended to 15 February, two weeks later than originally planned

The key consequence of this is that Volunteering projects within Key Action 1 youth mobility will now include mobilities between European Union (EU) Member States for the first two 2018 application rounds. This effectively means it will be ‘business as usual’ for organisations which would have previously applied for this activity under the European Voluntary Service (EVS). 

However, in the case of volunteering activities within EU Member States, it is important to note that organisations must carry out the selection of the volunteers from the pool of young people registered with the European Solidarity Corps.

An online tool called the Placement Administration and Support System (PASS) enables organisations to search and contact those young people. Organisations already holding an Erasmus+ volunteering accreditation have automatic access to the tool, along with their access to the European Youth Portal's volunteering database.

Not only will the changes allow extra time for applications to be prepared for the first youth deadline of next year but they also mean an additional period for organisations to familiarise themselves with the European Solidarity Corps, which is now scheduled to begin after application rounds 1 and 2.

An extra €30 million, initially allocated to the European Solidarity Corps for 2018, will be redeployed to Erasmus+ Europe-wide to cater for these developments. 

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