New Statistics - shining a light on Erasmus+ in the UK

This year to date under the 2016 Call, the UK National Agency has received more than 1,700 applications seeking funding for almost 232 million euro. We have updated our statistics webpage with the latest information in a new format. 

The change in format has been prompted by a desire to promote greater awareness of what Erasmus+ is and what impact it has across the UK. We want the statistics we produce to support that by being as accessible as possible.

So what has changed?

  • The statistics publications are now grouped by theme rather than Call year. This means that it is easier to explore all the data about specific topics — e.g. applications received — in one place. 
  • The text-based reports are being replaced by a short ‘bulletin’ covering national highlights from the latest data. The bulletins are easier to digest and should be more suitable for circulation to your stakeholders.
  • Each report now comes with an extensive set of tables which provide complete breakdowns of the figures, bringing together details on all Call years and UK country specific data.

You will see new themes being added and more changes to the look and feel of the statistics webpage over the next few months.