Some last minute application advice

The deadline for applications for Strategic Partnerships, Mobility for Young People and Youth Workers and Meetings between Young People and Decision-Makers is fast approaching. Here are a few last minute tips to help you with your application:

  1. Read our online guidance carefully – we have technical guidelines, step by step application guides, guides for registering your organisation and creating your PIC, and the Erasmus+ programme guide all available for download now from this website.
  2. PICs are essential - each partner or applicant organisation needs one PIC code. Check that all the organisations involved in your project have one. Ensure that you have uploaded the official legal entity form and financial ID form to your PIC along with the supporting legal status document or bank documents.
  3. Double check that everything is correctly entered into the eForm - if you are having any issues, please refer to the European Commission’s technical guidelines - version 2 (1.92 MB) for more information.
  4. Ensure you upload a signed official Declaration of Honour to your application – the person you named as your Legal Representative must have signed it.
  5. Use the checklist before you submit your application – this prompts you to attach documents with your application form such as your Declaration on Honour, partner mandates and timetables.
  6. Follow the alternative application procedure if you are unable to submit your application online due to technical issues - please ensure your application is submitted no later than 2 hours after the deadline, if you have to follow the alternative submission procedure due to technical issues.