Spotlight on the EU Referendum

Following the announcement that the EU referendum will take place on 23 June, questions have begun to emerge as to what this means for Erasmus+. Our focus as the UK National Agency (NA) is to continue managing the programme as usual in the UK, and our advice to organisations delivering Erasmus+ projects of all kinds is to do likewise. This is also a busy time of year for those submitting applications for funding, as most of the deadlines fall in the early part of each year. Whether you’ve submitted an application already, or are intending to in the coming weeks, there’s no need to change your plans.

The process of assessing applications is underway, and the support and guidance we offer to applicants and beneficiaries of funding goes on.

At the NA we’re aware and understand that the coming referendum will prompt questions, but it’s important that we don’t speculate on the outcome or its consequences. There are many organisations, participants and stakeholders involved in Erasmus+, and as always we’re committed to sharing with you any information about the programme as it becomes available.

In the meantime we encourage you to continue delivering your projects and submitting your 2016 applications as usual.