Survey for staff and learners of Erasmus+ launched

In conjunction with the European Commission’s public consultation on the Erasmus+ programme, ICF International have launched a new survey to gather the views of learners and staff taking part in Erasmus+ Mobility projects.

This survey is focused on the impact of the Erasmus+ programme, comparing the changes in attitudes, competences and behaviours of learners and staff as a result of mobility.

All learners and staff from any international mobility or cooperation programme from education, training, youth and sport, as included in the list below are encouraged to take part, as well as those who have not yet participated.

  • School staff and pupils
  • VET schools learners and staff
  • Higher education learners and staff
  • Young people and staff in youth organisations
  • Adult education staff
  • Staff in sport organisations

The survey will take approximately 15 minutes. You can take part in the survey by 24 April 2017