VET Mobility Charter announced

We are pleased to announce that the new Erasmus+ VET Mobility Charter has been published.

If your organisation has a strong track record in organising vocational education and training (VET) mobility projects for learners and staff, you are interested in developing your international strategies, and you have successfully completed a minimum of four LLP Leonardo Mobility projects in Initial Vocational Training (IVT) or Vocational Education and Training Professionals (VETPRO), then the new VET Mobility Charter could be for you.

The aims of the VET Mobility Charter are to reward, promote and further develop quality in transnational VET mobility. As a Charter-accredited organisation, you will benefit from simplified procedures when applying for funding, organising your project, and reporting on your activities.

Information on the eligibility criteria and how to apply can be found on our VET Mobility Charter page.

The deadline for applications in 2014 is 11am UK time on Monday 22 September.