Young people wanted to join Europeers UK network

The search is on for new members to join EuroPeers UK - a network of young people who share their Erasmus+ experiences to help raise awareness of the programme.

Managed by Momentum World, supported by the Erasmus+ UK National Agency, the network is youth-led and provides former participants with opportunities to build on the knowledge and skills gained during their time abroad.

Members help organise workshops, presentations and activities where they talk about their personal experiences with the aim of inspiring others to get involved in international activities through Erasmus+ and similar programmes.

EuroPeers get training, advice and resources to support their activities and an international network of professional connections as well as learning how to organise events and confidently deliver public presentations, all of which can help to boost employability.

Erasmus+ beneficiary organisations are encouraged to flag-up this opportunity to eligible young people – those aged 18-25, resident in the UK and with experience of EVS, Erasmus+ or other European youth or education projects. Those aged 16-18 may be considered subject to parental consent.

“Join us, share your European story, learn how to be an active EuroPeer and volunteer for leadership positions within the network,” said Europeers UK project co-ordinator Olga Ambrosiewicz.

For those interested the next Europeers UK Training Course will be held in London from 24-27 June.