Charlotte Evans

An unforgettable year for Welsh student living, studying and working in France

Exeter University business student Charlotte Evans admits she got so much more than a fresh take on learning during an Erasmus+ year in France - not least brushing up on her skiing technique.

Charlotte, from Newport in South Wales, opted to spend a year studying in Grenoble, in the French Alps, rather than on a work placement in the United Kingdom as part of her degree course - and by the end of her overseas adventure was urging other students to grasp the opportunity with both hands.

Hidden Voices

Creating a ripple effect of positive social action in Europe

Radicalisation, gender discrimination and refugees often hit the headlines, but how engaged are young people with these topics?

Hidden Voices, an informal group of young people from Birmingham, is starting these conversations with youngsters from different countries across Europe thanks to Erasmus+ funding.

Participants in the group's activities are invited to exchange ideas, think about solutions and take social action of their own.

Human Rights Focus

Two young ex-offenders have turned their lives around and are now helping others to do the same, thanks to Erasmus+ funding.

One major issue facing young people with a criminal record is reintegrating into society. With limited opportunities, there is often little help for them when they leave prison, leading to a lack of motivation and an increased risk of reoffending.

This can trap them in a vicious cycle; a potential scenario that faced Damian Gordon and Junior McFarlene, both from Birmingham.


Offering learners in Devon opportunities they never knew existed

Whether they are jumping in the deep end with shark conservation in Malta or whipping up a storm on inclusive catering placements in France – learners at Petroc are offered a unique opportunity to gain work experience abroad.

Through its Erasmus+ project Petroc Go, the further education college in Devon is bringing learning to life. Catering for around 8,500 students, the college aims to engage learners and improve retention rates through its placement opportunities.

Wellington School

Opening up the universe to Scottish schoolchildren with a little help from Erasmus+

Pupils at an independent day school in Scotland have stars in their eyes - thanks to an Erasmus+ project spanning the breadth of Europe.

Wellington School, in Ayr, already had a strong international pedigree, having won the British Council International Schools Award more than once, so it was natural to turn to its European peers for an initiative that would reach for the skies, quite literally.

Erasmus+ in the UK

The University of Wolverhampton

Lights, camera, accessibility: making culture more inclusive through business skills training

The University of Wolverhampton is aiming to make theatres, museums and cinemas more accessible - by boosting the entrepreneurial skills of audio describers and subtitlers. 

Through its Erasmus+ project CASTLE - New employability skills and business creation in the audio description and subtitling sector, the university is developing business start-up resources to help these experts effectively market themselves to the culture sector.

Plymouth & District Mind Association

How Erasmus+ is helping to combat the growing issue of young people who self harm.

Self harming among young people is a major issue in the United Kingdom - and one which numerous studies have highlighted is increasing significantly, with some suggesting it is more prevalent in the UK than anywhere else in Europe.

Plymouth & District Mind Association (PADMA) deliver mental health training in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall, with a particular focus on working with young people and are keen to see improved support and services for those affected.

Grimsby Institute

Giving students from an area with high levels of deprivation the skills they need to succeed in creative and digital industries.

Determined to increase the employability, aspirations and social mobility of its less advantaged students, Grimsby Institute is using Erasmus+ funding to provide learners with international vocational placements.

The CREATE project saw 12 BTEC Art and Media students live and work in Malta and Germany for three weeks.

The National Union of Students

How students are helping universities meet their social and environmental responsibilities thanks to Erasmus+ funding

The social responsibility of universities has increasingly become a factor for students when making their choice of higher education institution (HEI) with many keen to attend those actively seeking to have a positive impact on their communities.


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