Project planning

This page contains advice on planning Erasmus+ projects, and useful resources to help organisations apply for Erasmus+ funding.

Erasmus+ Project Results Platform

The Erasmus+ Project Results Platform is a database of Erasmus+ funded projects. This is a great place to look before applying for funding. It allows you to:

  • find out what organisations are doing locally and across Europe in your area of interest;
  • be inspired by successful applicants and good practice examples; and
  • discover potential partners from across Europe.

Many organisations will also share contact details if you would like to find out more or reach out to potential partners. 

Networks and initiatives

No matter what sector you work in, there is a network or initiative that can help you to:

  • meet current beneficiaries;
  • network with potential partners; and
  • develop your project ideas.

Visit the networks and initiatives page to get involved with your sector-specific community before applying for Erasmus+ funding.


It is important to consider the impact of your project during its development stage. The Impact+ Exercise helps applicants and organisations design measurable targets.

The exercise is a great resource for planning your project. It is workshop-based and just needs you, your partners and the Impact+ Exercise materials.

European Development Plan

Before applying for Erasmus+ Key Action 1 funding, schools and adult education organisations must develop a European Development Plan. You will find more guidance on how to develop your plan in our sector specific guides for applicants.

The plan outlines the needs of the organisation in terms of quality development and internationalisation. It measures how their planned European activities will meet those needs.

The purpose of the European Development Plan is to ensure that the planned activities are relevant for the individual participants and are well-integrated with the organisation's strategic development.

Inter-institutional agreements

All Erasmus+ mobility between higher education institutions (HEIs) in Programme Countries must take place as part of an inter-institutional agreement.

Next steps

Before you submit an application, visit our top tips page to ensure your project plan is correct. 

Once you are happy, go to our 'Apply for funding' page to start your application and access sector appropriate support resources.