Project planning

This page contains advice on project planning and relevant tools for organisations prior to applying for Erasmus+ funding.

European Development Plan

Before applying under Key Action 1, schools and adult education organisations must develop a European Development Plan. This plan is part of the application form. It outlines the needs of the institution/organisation in terms of quality development and internationalisation, and how their planned European activities will meet those needs. The European Development Plan is part of the application form for schools and adult education organisations applying for learning mobility of staff under Key Action 1.

The purpose of the European Development Plan is to ensure that the planned activities are relevant both for the individual participants and for the organisation as a whole, as activities have a higher impact on the quality of teaching and learning when they are well-integrated in the organisation's strategic development.


eTwinning is a free online community for schools and further education/vocational education and training colleges across Europe. It can be a first step towards Key Action 1 Mobility and Key Action 2 Strategic Partnerships projects by helping organisations to find partners and to collaborate on projects within a secure network and platform.

Inter-institutional agreements

All Erasmus+ mobility between higher education institutions (HEIs) in Programme Countries must take place as part of an inter-institutional agreement between HEIs.

Charters and accreditation

To be eligible to take part in the Erasmus+ programme:

International School Award

This international school award can be a framework to develop your international project.  Use the online resources to write your international school award action plan in conjunction with your Erasmus+ application and take the first step toward receiving a prestigious award for your school.