Shaping Futures - 30 years of Erasmus+

The Shaping Futures exhibition showcases the impact of the programme in the UK and how organisations are helping people to make positive changes to their lives through Erasmus+.

How has Erasmus+ shaped your future?



This week we’re excited to launch our Shaping Futures exhibition in London, showcasing stories from the last 30 years of the Erasmus+ programme. #ErasmusPlusEffect


Sophie McKeand


"What an achievement, keep inspiring our young people and giving them opportunities showing them that there's a wonderful world out there."


Susan Coontz


"From 'them' to 'us'; opening minds, creating opportunities, forging friendships, that's Erasmus+."


The Erasmus+ European Union programme operates in 33+ countries.

It’s of particular benefit to young people who can learn new skills to improve their employability, acquire life skills, and develop their confidence.

Read the British Council’s communique on ‘Our Shared European Future’.

Our timeline captures 30 years of Erasmus+ in the UK