Shaping Futures - 30 years of Erasmus+

The Shaping Futures exhibition showcases the impact of the programme in the UK and how organisations are helping people to make positive changes to their lives through Erasmus+.

Want to find out more about how organisations have shaped futures through Erasmus+?

How has Erasmus+ shaped your future?

Alison Pearce


"Erasmus exchange fundamentally changed my life, my person, my outlook, my future. Everything I did subsequently can be traced back to it."


Sophie McKeand


"What an achievement, keep inspiring our young people and giving them opportunities showing them that there's a wonderful world out there."


Susan Coontz


"From 'them' to 'us'; opening minds, creating opportunities, forging friendships, that's Erasmus+."


Our timeline captures 30 years of Erasmus+ in the UK

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