Sport funding

There are a variety of opportunities under Erasmus+ for organisations to apply for funding to deliver sports-related activities. Some of these opportunities are run by the UK National Agency under the education, training and youth parts of the programme; others are run by the Executive Agency under a specific sport strand of the programme.

Decentralised activities managed by the UK National Agency

Organisations actively involved in sport can take part in decentralised activities if their projects are intended to use sport in the context of education and training or youth activities. This could include, for example, work placements abroad for sport apprentices, staff training for coaches, volunteers or youth workers involved in delivering sports activities in a formal or informal context or partnership projects aimed at improving provision in the teaching of sporting skills.

You will need to apply based on the sector that your project will cover i.e. higher education, vocational education and training, schools, adult education and youth.  If you are unsure which sector your project would fall under then please get in touch.

Centralised activities run by the European Commission’s Executive Agency

The opportunities managed by the Executive Agency are funded under the sports strand of Erasmus+ and are aimed at supporting European partnerships focused on grassroots sport.

Collaborative Partnerships

Collaborative Partnerships support the development, transfer and/or implementation of innovative practices in sport and physical activity.

Not-for-profit European Sport Events

Europe-wide voluntary sport events can be funded including organisation, implementation and legacy activities.

How can I find partners?

You can find partners and project results for centralised sports projects on the Erasmus+ Project Results Platform.