Harry Withers

Young man in wheel chair

Harry Withers, BSc Psychology student at Sheffield Hallam University, went abroad to study in Warsaw.

Harry has cerebral palsy and benefited from the additional funding provided by Erasmus+ for students with special needs.

When considering the choice to go abroad with Erasmus+, Harry says that this was a bit of a spur of the moment decision and something that he had never considered before, but he also could see that it was a great opportunity to distinguish himself when applying for jobs after graduation.

Whilst studying abroad, Harry was able to meet many people from different countries and cultures, experience a different way of learning to the UK and also grow in confidence.

Watch Harry's video to hear more about his Erasmus+ experience in Warsaw:

At Sheffield Hallam University we strive to encourage all our students to participate in Erasmus+ and the funding that the programme provides is so important to make this opportunity a possibility for everyone.

Thanks to the disability support Harry received, he was able to find suitable accommodation and get some extra help, as Sarah Bradley, Global Partnerships Manager at Sheffield Hallam University explains, "The additional funding enabled Harry to find accessible accommodation, provided specialised transport and supported him with medical treatment. Without this additional funding Harry wouldn’t have been able to take part and it was fantastic that Erasmus+ was able to support Harry in this way and allow him to participate."

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