Lancaster and Morecambe College

staff from lancaster and morecambe college being filmed at the Erasmus+ learning networks event

Creating a resource for carers to use with people who have memory loss, to keep memories alive

'Digital Timelines' is an Erasmus+ Key Action 2 adult education project to develop and pilot a training course and support materials to produce videos for the benefit of people with dementia.

Dementia is a UK and global health and economic challenge affecting an estimated 800,000 people in the UK and 36 million worldwide, with numbers doubling every 20 years.

Paul Ineson and John Latham shared the project as an example of best practice at an Erasmus+ Learning Networks event. In this video interview, they explain how the project aims to allow practitioners in the care sector, as well as family members, to produce an effective resource which is at very little or no cost to the persons with dementia or their carers. Key life events are captured digitally creating a “personal digital memory.”

People in direct or indirect contact with people with dementia will become trained in the production of the digital timelines videos across Europe. They will also be able to train others to do the same. This will allow them to appreciate how they, or those trained by them, can improve the life of a person with dementia by stimulating memories in a technical way using multimedia.

We are hoping it is going to bring people together in an intergenerational way to ensure that memories are saved, put on record, and hopefully people become closer together as a result of the project - John Latham

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